There is a Compass....That compass is your heart


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.Welcome to the Sanctuary of

~Natu & Nenari, Twinsouls on the Sacred Path~

~There is a song, it is the song upon the winds that guides your every breathe, that creates the beauty of this world and of all the cosmos, that creates and sustains all relationships, flowers, trees, stars.....that song is the song of Love, the music of the spheres, the sacred heart of the Master Artist. There is a compass by which this song IS, and is experienced, expressed, created. That compass is the heart. The heart is free from being all mushy. The heart is the resonance of unconditional (agape) love which is free from ego, free from judgment it simply is. Just as sure as the Sun's rise, as sure as the love a mother has for her child. With an inner knowing that simply is. This compass when we are guided by love, our heart sings the song of the Master Artist in Oneness with that same Master Artist. Join us here as Natu & Nenari, twinsouls on the Sacred Path through the journeys of the heart share with you the wisdom and message of this song. This website, whether we are together as a couple or not, is to benefit humanity to awaken into what true unconditional love really is.~


We are honoured you are here with us

Given In Love ~

Natu and Nenari
The Troubadour and the Princess of the Sea, Twinsouls as OneSoul
Ambassadours of Love and Light